Soni Kini

Our adventures at SONIKINI began when my sister and I (co-founders) traveled throughout India in early 2007 and noticed the wonderfully vibrant sense of color and fashion.  The rich textiles of India tickled our senses and encouraged them into a foray with a leader in vibrant fashion wear.  There began our journey into an unforeseen world, one in which personality meets fashion everyday.

At Sonikini we take pride in our colorful and unique selection of designs and colors.  Exclusively designed with your utmost comfort in mind, stitched to perfection, SEXI is what you wear for work, home or your evening out!

We began right at home by asking women what they feel is their fashion sense.  And from here was born “SEXI”.   The ultimate in expression, SEXI captures the essence of the universal woman of today in an expression unlike any they have experienced in the past.

Our fresh and delightful discoveries into the fashion extravaganza lead us to create a bright new wardrobe that is irresistible as well as affordable.

SEXI…your ultimate expression.

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